Isaac Smith - Artist - Gusty... an Oil Painting

Oil Painting - Stained Glass - Spokane, WA

Isaac Smith painted Gusty in oil.
Isaac resides in Spokane, WAshington.

image of the oil painting, Gusty II

About Gusty II

Gusty II

The wind came whipping through one day and I was enjoying watching the swaying and bowing of the trees. An image came to mind for a stained glass piece which resulted in a curve design with the wind wrapping around a tree trunk and branches bending it and pulling it. The image is titled Gusty and I thought a painting with a variation of the glass design would be a great image. I wanted to express the weight and lightness of the wind as it is pushing/pulling the tree. Sometimes I look at this for quite awhile absorbed in the flow, its details, the power of it. I love this piece.

Gusty II is 51" by 51".

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