Isaac Smith - Artist - Growing ... an Oil Painting

Oil Painting - Stained Glass - Spokane, WA

Isaac Smith painted Growing in oil.
Isaac resides in Spokane, WAshington.

image of the oil painting, Growing

About Growing


We have a hanging basket in front of a window in our bedroom that has been quickly growing. One branch has an elegant flow/curve to it. Emotionally it struck a cord with me and felt the urge to paint the essence of the flow. The title comes from the small shoot at the end of the branch where a new leaf is growing and is also a metaphor for my painting. I wanted a simple background with a warm color and felt a wash of yellow ochre would be a beautiful compliment to the greens/yellows of the plant. After completing the painting, I think that it looks like a Japanese screen, which is a wonderful outcome.

Growing is 24" by 60".

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