Isaac Smith - Artist - Anxiety... an Oil Painting

Oil Painting - Stained Glass - Spokane, WA

Isaac Smith painted Anxiety in oil.
Isaac resides in Spokane, WAshington.

image of the oil painting, Anxiety

About Anxiety


As an artist trying to make a living, I go through many emotions and I portray a couple of them in Doubt and Anxiety.

"Will I make enough money to pay the bills? Will I succeed as an artist? Will I be able to support my family? As a new dad will I be a good father? Am I being a good husband?" I feel stressed, tense. I chose a pose that expresses the tension and stress. The colors are more vibrant with lights and darks competing to give tension and the contrast of the background to the figure ads to the feeling. With the last few brushstrokes I began crying as the anxiety I have felt was letting go.

Anxiety is 48" by 48".

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