Isaac Smith - Artist - Dining Room Glass Window ... a work in Stained Glass

Oil Painting - Stained Glass - Spokane, WA

Isaac Smith created Searching, a work in leaded stained glass.
Isaac resides in Spokane, WAshington.

image of the stained glass work, Searching

About the Dining Room Window

Dining Room Window

This window looked into the neighbor's yard. Whenever they were out, they could see right in. We wanted privacy yet still to be able to have light coming in. When looking at the space, there were plants around the room and the flow of the room moved to the right. I created a plant-like feel that flowed right. I wanted dimension in the background so I used two textures of glass which gave privacy and depth. Colors chosen tied into the color scheme of the room. There is a tremendous amount of light change in this room with the sun hitting the window at certain times and with the seasonal light change; I enjoy just sitting and looking at the window at different times of the day or I might be walking by and the light may be a certain way that makes me stop and look at the window.

This window is 49½" by 49½".



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