I use several different types of glass in creating my pieces. Some projects benefit from the use of rippled glass, others from reed glass. There are glasses with different textures and properties of light transmission. Some glass is rolled, some molded, others are hand-blown. When I survey the site for the installation, I take the various glasses into account in order to create a unique piece that transmits the outside environment into the living space.

Waterglass: The surface of the glass is like the surface of a lake or stream.

Narrow Red: Architectural glass with a linear quality that provides privacy, yet is still transparent to allow light to come through. Manufactured by Pilkington.

German New Antique: (GNA) Has an elegant, subtle pattern similar to antique glass. Manufactured by Desag.

I enjoy using clear and textured glass together for several reasons: They provide different depths to the composition, some move forward, some move back. They provide privacy yet still allow light to come through. They pick up colors, images from the background and are always changing as the seasons change. At night, any light is picked up and is dispersed within the glass, thus giving it a playful quality.

Stained Glass
Searching Dining Room Half Dining Room Window
Bedroom Window Flight Liberty Lake Project

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